The Money Magnet Waist Bead Bundle


The Money Magnet Waist Bead Bundle is perfect to attract wealth and prosperity. If you are looking to wear your magnet for financial prosperity, this set will empower you to allow abundance to flow effortlessly into your life, and encourage you to be open to receiving wealth in expected and unexpected ways. Remind yourself to create a life of abundance and joy with these waist beads.

Handmade in Ghana. Appreciation over Appropriation.

This listing includes:

  • two strands of green-colored beads with accents of gold and silver (may be slightly different than photographed)
  • each strand is 45-48 inches of beads
  • an intention setting ritual card to help you set meaningful intentions and create a more personal experience for your waist beads if you so choose
  • a prayer for becoming a money magnet that was written with the guidance of an African mother for support on your journey
  • instructions for tying your beads