The Grief Waist Bead Combo


Archel is personally wearing these right now. These stunning, comforting black beads spoke to her one week before her father passed away. She will wear them for at least a year, while she experiences all the feelings of grief.

If you choose to wear black waist beads as a personal expression of grief, they can serve as a symbolic and comforting gesture. Many people find solace in rituals and symbols during times of mourning, and wearing black waist beads could be a way to honor and process your feelings.

Handmade in Ghana. Appreciation over Appropriation.

This listing includes:

  • two strands of our beautiful, shiny Black beads. May slightly vary from the image as all of the beads are one of a kind.
  • each strand is 45-48 inches of beads
  • an intention setting ritual card to help you set intentions for healing from grief and create a more personal experience for your journey.
  • a prayer for ease that was written with the guidance of an African mother for support on your journey
  • instructions for tying your beads