The Deep Lover Waist Bead Combo


Red waist beads are associated with themes of love, passion, and sensuality. If I’m looking for love, I wear red beads. If I want to intensify the love I’m experiencing, I wear red beads. There’s something about red beads on all skin tones that truly pops, and this bundle has hints of other colors, which really enhances the look and adds some excitement.

In spiritual practices, the color red is associated with the sacral chakra, which is linked to emotions, creativity, and relationships. Balancing and activating this chakra may enhance one’s ability to connect emotionally and experience deeper connections.

If you want your Waist Beads to symbolize the powerful and nurturing aspects of womanhood, and attract and build a deeper love, this bundle is for you.

Handmade in Ghana. Appreciation over Appropriation.

This listing includes:

  • two strands of our bold red beads with crystals. May slightly vary from the image as all of the beads are one of a kind.
  • each strand is 45-48 inches of beads
  • an intention setting ritual card to help you set intentions for love and connection and create a more personal experience for your journey.
  • a prayer for deeper love that was written with the guidance of an African mother for support on your journey
  • instructions for tying your beads