The Energy Clearing Waist Bead Combo


A energy clearing waist bead combo is often sought for its ability to promote mental clarity, focus, and clear thinking as you start a fresh chapter of your life. You may seek this energy to reduce mental fog, enhance decision-making, and provide a sense of mental balance. Use our energy clearing combo as a tool for mindfulness and intention-setting, aiming to create a focused and clear mental state.

Handmade in Ghana. Appreciation over Appropriation.

This listing includes:

  • two strands of our white and clear beads. One will have larger beads and crystals and one will have smaller white and clear beads.
  • each strand is 45-48 inches of beads
  • an intention setting ritual card to help you set meaningful intentions and create a more personal experience for your waist beads if you so choose
  • a prayer for energy clearing that was written with the guidance of an African mother for support on your journey
  • instructions for tying your beads