The OG Waist Beads Starter Kit


Our OG Waist Beads Starter Kit is the perfect way to explore waist beads for the first time. Whether you are curious about the way waist beads promote body positivity, absorb and amplify personal energy, emotions, and intentions, or the way they serve as a cultural or spiritual symbol, A starter kit is perfect for you to declare your intention on your own.

This kit is perfect especially if you would like to declare your own meaning and intentions over your beads or if you just want to wear them for fun!

Handmade in Ghana. Appreciation over Appropriation.

This listing includes:

  • two strands of random multi-colored beads (may be different than photographed)
  • each strand is 45-48 inches of beads
  • our Essential Waist Bead Tying Kit with a Bombchel Bawdy Measuring Tape, Bombchel Bead Glue, and Bombchel Precision Scissors
  • an intention setting ritual card to help you set meaningful intentions and create a more personal experience for your waist beads if you so choose