Tap Tap...Is this blog on?

Bombchel had a mighty powerful first year of business, and we really want to thank each one of you for making it this way.

At the end of the year, we like to look back on what worked, what didn't work, and proclaim what next year will look like for us.

Wanna hear it, here it goes:

What worked:

  • Kickstarter! Holy Cow! That's how we got to know most of you and we're so grateful!
  • Recruiting passionate, excited women with whom we built our startup. For sure it was bumpy and stressful initially, but anyone who stayed a full month has stayed with us for good, and we see evolution in everyone's physical, mental, and personal behaviors and we are mighty excited to keep that going!
  • Telling our stories!  We have friends around the world that are close to us through what they've seen in videos, on social media, or news articles. Thank you for caring about what we do and supporting us as we do it!


What didn't:

  • Getting ahead of ourselves... We were anticipating a super big introduction during fashion week and instead we had a fun, bite-sized one. It showed us how far we have to grow, but we stand on a foundation of great community to get there! There's nothing wrong with slow and steady growth as long as it's forward moving. Sometimes we forget that.
  • We launched the website really late... We were so concerned with being able to meet demand that we launched at the tailend of what would be our peak season. I'm glad we have our supply chains in order now so the spring will belong to Bombchel!


What's up for next year?:

  • Spring Dresses! Our women have been practicing tons of shift dresses and cool looks we know you will love! Keep those skirts handy but get ready for great new looks!!
  • Enrichment for Bombchel Programs: Business planning, women's health, and women's sexual health are in our early plans. Plus the ladies will start their apprenticeships in the spring! Step by step, we are building entrepreneurs!
  • Bombchel goin' INNNN 2017. Seriously. We will be able to lower prices steadily and we hope to just keep flooding the market with good, ethical fashion!

What's your next year looking like?



December 22, 2016 — Archel Bernard