Cloth Masks for the Community


Blessing saw lappa masks online and decided she wanted to make some with our supplies in the factory to give to Liberians in need. We would love if you would buy one that we can give to a member of our community. 

Can you purchase a mask from us so we can:
+Donate it to a member of our community,
+Ensure Bombchels maintain their salaries, and
+Limit the spread of the Coronavirus in fragile Liberia?

Each $50 purchase (10 masks) will supply masks for a small business and will qualify you for a personalized gift when we fully reopen.

Thank you so much for thinking of us at this time. We are so eternally grateful to you.

To be clear, this listing does not send a mask to you. It goes to our neighbors in Liberia. We are working on making masks for our friends in the US!!